Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Brand New Beautiful Creature

Completely by accident I may have distracted myself designing and making a very special creature, who I have bonded to and shall have to now keep forever...

He doesn't have a name yet, but he shall be referred to as diving creature, for he has a very special interest, and his own special costume!
Diving creature and his own specially made diving suit!

I haven't picked a zip for it yet (I have many) so the critter and his costume are essentially finished, he can climb in and out with a little help and hopefully will still be able to get dressed as easily once it's got the zip sewn in!

I'm really proud, he's so cute and I worked really hard on making the viewing window but I'm super happy with how it came out!

In slightly related news, I am still working on the Dragonite mentioned at least a week ago... the odd smaller project like this one occasionally happens midway through a much more long term one, but I promise for every order without a restricted handing over date I aim to finish and deliver them as soon as possible!

Ready to explore every ocean, pond and puddle!

Although I intend to keep this little critter, I would be able to knit another one for order although the diving costume itself would cost more than the creature, with a balance of about £8 for the suit and £5 for little creature. Similar creatures with different hobbies (or just a naked little critter) could certainly be much cheaper :P 

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  1. I bet I know where you got this idea from :D
    He is soooo cute!