Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Prize Draw Extended - New Prize

Okay, so first Crafty Mutt is whimpering in the corner because not enough people entered the competition yet and it technically finished :( she is very worried that not all the prizes will go to nice new homes, so to try and help I have added another prize! (Great logic I know, but wait for it...)

Who's that there with Tiny Turnip, Tiny Carrot and Tiny Angry Bird?!
It's NYAN CAT! (Scroll down for better picture of just him :P)

I know what you are thinking: HOW CAN I WIN NYAN CAT?!

Nyan Cat is to be separately awarded to someone who as well as just writing a comment also tells me which thing I've made is the one they like best and why!

  1. Think about stuff I've made (see my Deviantart if you can't remember any - it can be anything I made)
  2. Very briefly write a comment on which one you like best and why
  3. Post that comment - on this post here, on Crafty Mutt's Facebook, or on my Deviantart journal - wherever your preferred commenting place is
Done! This prize draw is to be done after the first three prizes are awarded, and therefore it's possible to win him and another prize!

Win me!

Extended until midnight Monday 5th September (GMT) - all other guidelines are the same (See the original competition post for those)
Good Luck Everybody!

Monday, 29 August 2011

New Keyrings and Phone Charms

Because Crafty Mutt can't sit still and keep concentrated on one project for more than 30 seconds, I have managed to find some MAGIC PLASTIC and therefore there are now strange new things on my Pre-Etsy Page for the fist time in ages...
I am now offering keyring/phone charms;

Pikachu is currently acting a cute, lightweight, plastic keyring, but there are phone charm loops too!

Yes, any image you like (hand drawn and pencil coloured) can now be your very own keyring or phone charm! The plastic is pretty strong, very lightweight, and the colours are strong once it's shrunk down to keyring size :)

Edit: New picture - a few more ideas!

For a standard charm (up to 2cm square) I can make it for £1.20 for the phone charm attachments, and £1.50 for the keyring one (just because the metal attachments are more expensive)
For all my fellow Durhamers the easy option is to order your charm and I'll have it ready for you when we arrive in Durham, but I can post them to your (or another address as a gift) for 50p.

About Artwork
I am happy to produce any image you like, with a few limitations;
  1. I am happy to design and draw an original image of anything you like for the charm. See some of my Art on Deviantart for some of my drawing styles.
  2. I can ONLY copy/imitate an existing image if you get permission from the image owner, due to legal stuff. I am happy to be asked for an image of pikachu and shown an art style or pose you'd like, but I'm not allowed to actually copy pictures.
  3. I can only do outlines in black, green and red (and possibly blue)
  4. I cannot imitate complex colouring styles - I can do anything that can be done with standard pencil crayons
  5. I am very happy to create original artwork for you to show your image before you commit to buying, since I will usually digitally create the image and then hand draw it.

I can make these into bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pretty much any other accessory you could think of - just get in contact for a price estimate for your specific product (also because I'll probably need to get hold of some parts) There are some slightly different attachments for keyrings and some coloured phone charm loops if you'd like something a little different from those shown in the image.

FINALLY; please don't forget the free prize draw, if more people don't enter then I won't even be able to give out all the prizes :( don't make Crafty Mutt sad!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

More Prizes to Give Away!

See Update for changes to the prize draw - there's another prize!

Big Octopus is making his way to the United States today, and because he was so exited to be getting a new home Crafty Mutt is giving away three very little creatures to have exciting new homes for themselves!

Tiny Turnip, Tiny Carrot and Tiny Angry Bird are looking for a new home!

This giveaway has THREE prizes, which means THREE winners! So of course you are wondering how you can be in with a chance to win one of these three little creatures.

How to Enter

1. Write a comment 
2. Post said comment on this blog post, or on any designated posts elsewhere (it will be possible to enter via facebook, this blog and on my deviantart)
The posts you can comment on to enter should be obvious, and if you're not sure just ask and I'll try to point you in the right direction :)
Competition starts right now, and ends when August ends; midnight Wed August 31st (GMT)

Rules to do with Entering - Boring Bits
  • By entering you agree to tell me your address if you win, because otherwise I can't post your prize :P if you refuse, I'll generate a new winner
  • You can only enter once
  • Prizes will be allocated randomly, you cannot request a specific prize because that makes it difficult
  • Entrants will be assigned a number, the first person who's number is randomly generated by an online random number generator will win Tiny Turnip. The second person will win Tiny Carrot, and the third will win Tiny Angry Bird.
  • You can only win one prize.
  • There should be NO COST to enter this competition, but there is a minute chance that if you live in a really different country there may be customs charges which will have to be paid by the winner. Probably only relevant if you live on the moon. Anyone in Europe, USA and Canada I'm certain are fine at least :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Emergency Crafting!

As a test of my Crafty Mutt skills late on Wednesday evening came an order which needed to be completed as soon as possible! So, under unusual pressure (and with an unusual request) I challenged myself to finish the item within 24 hours of receiving the order... It was close, but I did it ^_^ and posted it this morning!

Some of you may recognise this is not just any first aid kit, but is in fact a cushion based on the Medkit from Left4Dead, I'm really excited to be commissioned to make this sort of thing :P video games tribute products are something I love to do, should anyone else have anything they'd like from a game they love! I personally plan to make a few little Pokémon plastic phone charms to sell for £1

Back to the Medkit, some of you may also have noticed... this isn't knitted! Indeed, as I also like to sew, draw, sculpt and do anything crafty really! I do all sorts of crazy stuff, but so far I mostly offer knit/crochet commissions but I'm also happy to do some sewing projects! Something like this specifically is, as I have found out, much faster to produce than most much smaller knitted things! 

So this specifically, despite being hugely bigger than a lot of my other projects, comes out about £15, whereas something of this size knitted would need to be over £40 because it'd take forever!
I can even sew in two small vertical pockets behind the working zips on the front with secret compartments for a little increase in cost to make it a really exciting product :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Brand New Beautiful Creature

Completely by accident I may have distracted myself designing and making a very special creature, who I have bonded to and shall have to now keep forever...

He doesn't have a name yet, but he shall be referred to as diving creature, for he has a very special interest, and his own special costume!
Diving creature and his own specially made diving suit!

I haven't picked a zip for it yet (I have many) so the critter and his costume are essentially finished, he can climb in and out with a little help and hopefully will still be able to get dressed as easily once it's got the zip sewn in!

I'm really proud, he's so cute and I worked really hard on making the viewing window but I'm super happy with how it came out!

In slightly related news, I am still working on the Dragonite mentioned at least a week ago... the odd smaller project like this one occasionally happens midway through a much more long term one, but I promise for every order without a restricted handing over date I aim to finish and deliver them as soon as possible!

Ready to explore every ocean, pond and puddle!

Although I intend to keep this little critter, I would be able to knit another one for order although the diving costume itself would cost more than the creature, with a balance of about £8 for the suit and £5 for little creature. Similar creatures with different hobbies (or just a naked little critter) could certainly be much cheaper :P 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tiny Pokémon Challenge

In addition to the tiny things mentioned, I am aiming to knit all 151 of the original pokémon as beans, having had a go at Pikachu and Mew already ^_^

I'm obviously hoping to sell these too, since I don't have that much space to work with I may have to sell them before I've even finished the full set, taking photos as I progress.

If there's a pokémon you'd like feel free to ask, and I'll do it sooner rather than later for you to buy :) in fact, to make sure I can sell as many as possible there will be considerable discounts for multi-buyers! Prices TBA.

This will likely be quite  a long term project, a few will be rather difficult to interpret to my style but I'll get them all in the end. It depends on how much time I need to spend on orders, and how much time I have to get hold of odd coloured wool, since there are a few colours you don't tend to get wool in (muk purple isn't the most appealing colour :P)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tiny Things

One thing I've found with orders (especially large orders) is I need a little break every body piece or so :P something in a different colour, different wool, something knit if the order is crochet, or vice versa.

Well, in an attempt to increase things I have to post about (because since I've got orders blog posts are a little thin on the ground) I am going to use these breaks to make tiny things, starting with this little carrot;

Tiny Carrot says hello!

I intend to build up a few little tiny things, and then I think I shall offer them for sale at 80p each, delivery of course would be a bit expensive for just one around 40p but several of the 80p tiny critters could be sent in one order for no additional delivery, or even added to another delivery order for no extra posting cost at all!

Of course I expect I will sell these best when I'm up in Durham, and there is no delivery required. I can reserve little creatures until then, so for now look out for all the strange little things I will think to knit :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Work Keeps Coming!

After the last few orders I completed I thought there'd be a lull and I'd be able to relax a bit (well, when I say relax, I mean  not have an excuse not to do all those other things...)
But no! More things! Big things!
Exciting things!

Thank you everyone who's ordered something, it's keeping me occupied and out of trouble :P and of course I love the challenges when I get a particularly exciting order.

So I'm still knitting, and I'm still here albeit without much to report. When I've worked my way through the recent surprises I'll be getting on to a couple of things I've been meaning to make to sell just because I like to make things - pigs, penguins, tiny dragons and maybe a few other Pokémon! Watch out, it could be any of the 646, although it is more likely to be one of the few obvious ones from later generations, or a more random pick from early Pokémon.

Photos of a knit/crochet Dragonite to be expected within the near future as example :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday Discount - BIRTHDAYDOG11

Very briefly, today Crafty Mutt is 1 month old! And to celebrate his month birthday he wanted to share his cake with everyone, but I said I couldn't post cake so he then said he wants everyone to be able to buy things at a discount price :P

Crafty Mutt googled cake and said he wants this one.

So, on any purchase from the Etsy shop, any request sent to me or order made through any other means quote the birthday code: BIRTHDAYDOG11 and get 10% off your order!

I'll give you it off the order total if you order from me, I don't know if Etsy counts that off shipping though
For items which require a price to be decided I will tell you the price I'd normally charge and the postage, and then give you your improved 10% discount price :) exact order details needn't be agreed within the deadline, so long as the order is created during the specified discount period.
If you already have a 10% discount code and are feeling left out because you wanted to buy something in celebration of Crafty Mutt's birthday, contact me and I will give you a 15% discount for today :P (I know everyone with a discount code, you can't fool me if you don't have one)

This is valid on any purchase or request of purchase, of an existing item or request for a custom item, which is initiated between right now this very moment and 4pm tomorrow (Wed 03 Aug) GMT!

So if there was something you may have been thinking about asking for, now's a great opportunity:D